The Hammock Cup

Brew a cup of coffee and get that good 30° hammock pitch

Type: Cup

The hammock cup is great for more than keeping your brew safe and good looking. Pitching your hammock too tigth makes it uncomfortable and unsteady. With this cup you can easily angle your hammock suspension ropes at 30° to get an optimal hang. Therefore, this mug makes a perfect gift for any hammock camper, and outdoorswomen- and men, beer lovers and coffee cravers.

Designed by Norwegian Outdoor Engineers
  • Calibrate your hammock. Get that good 30° pitch.
  • Measure liquids. Holds 13.5oz of your favorite liquid.
  • Keeps your brew safe. You can even eat out of it too.
  • Looks good on Instagram. #amokequipment #staywild.
  • Imported.

Technical specs

Enamel Coated Steel Cup
Bear in mind
Do not expose to an open flame.
Do not heat in a microwave oven.
Enamel can get damaged if hitting hard surfaces. This will only make the cup look cooler, and it can still be used.
4.8oz / 135g
13.5oz / 4dl
Diameter: 3.15in / 8cm