Pro Deal Program

Outdoor industry professionals

We offer a discount to fellow professionals and influencers in the outdoor industry.

Listed below are the categories of outdoor industry professionals and influencers we support through the Pro Deal Program.

Everyone that falls under these categories are not automatically eligible for the industry discount. Applications will be accepted or declined at Amok's sole discretion.

  • Media hotshots (influencers, bloggers, journalists, photographers etc.)
  • Professional outdoor guides and educators
  • Employees at outdoor villages and campgrounds etc. (that want to offer visitors Amok-hammock accommodation)


In return for the privilege of using this program, we ask that you follow a few basic terms:

  • Pro deals are intended for you alone, and not for friends, family or resale. Purchases made for anyone other than approved users will result in immediate termination of the account. Amok Equipment may in certain cases also require payment of an amount equivalent to the discounts that have been given. 
  • Product feedback is encouraged and appreciated. We may contact Pros via email for product feedback, pictures or stories.
  • Orders must be shipped to a business address:The company or organization name, c/o your name.

Please send Pro Deal applications to

We look forward to connect with you.

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