The hammock requires an inflatable sleeping pad. This is not included in the package, and it is currently not sold by Amok. The sleeping pad helps you get the best possible sleep comfort as it stretches the fabric and it will help you stay warm.

It is important to consider your use of the hammock when deciding on a sleeping pad. If you camp mostly during summer a basic air filled sleeping pad is perfect and can be found at affordable pricing. For year round camping a good insulated sleeping pad in the Draumr hammock replaces the need for an underquilt commonly used with standard gathered end hammocks. A bonus compared to buying an underquilt is of course that you can use the sleeping pad on all your camping trips, and not only when hammock camping (see further sleeping pad info at the bottom of this page).

We recommend using a large inflatable pad (approximately width 65 cm x length 197 cm x thickness 9 cm or width 25" x length 77" x thickness 3,5"), especially if you are a tall person. If you are above 190cm or 6'3", check out our interest list for a longer model. Medium size pads (approximately width 52 x length 183 x thickness 7 cm or width 20" x length 72" x thickness 2,7") also work perfectly well. Inside the hammock you have a pocket for each length which holds the sleeping pad in place. Maximum width 65 cm / 25", length 197 cm / 77" and thickness 10 cm / 3,9".

For those who need to buy a new sleeping pad we have a few recommendations (common for most of them is that the tubes are in the body direction):

Exped SynMat 9 LW, Exped DownMat 9 LW and Exped SynMat 7 LW are good alternatives. These provide year round insulation.

A slightly more expensive alternative is the same quality sleeping pads in ultra light versions: Exped SynMat UL 9 LW and Exped SynMat UL 7 LW .


Big Agnes pads like Air Core, Insulated Air Core and Q-core. Preferably long wide size.


Vaude Norrsken - remember to get the large version as this is a slightly thinner pad. It still provides good structure and has 3-season insulation. 



REI Stratus Insulated Air Sleeping Pad - long wide. Larger tubes on the outside to keep you nice and comfortable on the pad surface.

BaseCamp™ AF | Air Frame Self-Inflating Camping Mattress - Therm-a-Rest Amok Equipment Draumr camping hammock flat sleep

Therm-a-Rest's BaseCamp™ AF - choose the size large (L). 

At the beach, surfing? Or just hanging in your own back yard? There are a number of cheap inflatable pool-type mattresses which fits for relaxation usage. Just remember to check sizes!



We do not recommend regular foam pads, thin inflatable pads or inflatable pads with tubes as shown in the picture.

R-value (putting a number on warmth)

Most manufactures of sleeping pads meant for camping provide an R-value. This describes the pad's insulation ability and a higher R-value means better insulation ability. For winter use it is preferable to have an R-value of about 5 and more. For spring, summer and autumn around 3 will do. Based on our own experiences in tropical climate like Ghana, India and Brazil a basic air filled mattress without provided R-value is just fine.

bring a repair kit

The disadvantage with inflatable pads is obviously that you can get holes in them. Hammock camping compared to sleeping on ground with rocks, tree branches and such is preferential, but always remember to bring a repair kit in your backpack. Most good brands include a repair kit when you purchase a pad.

Pump types

Our experience is that pump sacks are the most effective way to inflate a pad, but there is nothing wrong with integrated pumps or use of your lungs (combing beer and use of your own breath will most likely cause dizziness). Sleeping pads that are filled with down or fiber must be pumped up with pump sack or integrated pump, otherwise the moisture from your breath will harm the mattress over time.