Hi, fellow hammock campers!

Part of the team at ISPO Munich 2015.

Who are we?

We are Norwegian engineers and entrepreneurs. To the right you can see some of the happy team members at ISPO Munich 2015. Our story begins in early 2013 with the goal of creating a completely flat camping hammock. We spent month after month testing, altering and sewing numerous prototypes. After investing a lot of time, money and effort, we were genuinely proud to present the Amok™ Draumr™ in the summer of 2014. During the last years we have learned a great deal of new things about hammock camping, and this makes us certain that you will enjoy becoming the owner of a different kind of hammock. Amok™ Draumr™ is recently launched in a 3.0 version. Remember to stay tuned, we are creative and have a lot of new ideas!

What do we like?

The Amok team share a mutual passion for the outdoors. We have made it a goal to always have fun and relax on our trips. Believe us, we also fancy longer expeditions, but sometimes everything should solely be about escaping the busy life of society. We have invited others who share our passion (and a handful who feel more comfortable in their own bed), and spent numerous days and nights by beautiful lakes and coastal beaches, fishing and sharing moments by the campfire. We believe it is this focus towards enjoying our trips that has led to new and innovative solutions - and will in the future!