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Amok™ Draumr™ - United States customer


Amok™ Draumr™ includes the hammock, suspension straps, bug net and waterproof tarp.


The hammock is designed for use with an inflatable sleeping pad. It has an inside pocket that holds it securely in place. Read more about required sleeping pad sizes. This is not included in the package. 


Hammock weight:   1.36 kg* / 2.96 lb. (including bug net and suspension straps). 
Tarp and pegs:         0.64 kg* / 1.41 lb.

Total weight:            2.00 kg* / 4.37 lb.

* final weight will vary slightly

Tree distance: minimum 2.5 m, maximum 6 m.

For tarp dimensions and usage tips - press here.


Use of the hammock:

The hammock fits most people. We have created ​​a foot bag that makes it comfortable for those as long as two meters (large inflatable sleeping pad required). The maximum load is 120 kg / 265 lb. The hammock is intended for 1 person and normal use. Do not use it as a slingshot, trampoline or for any other activities even though we know it may be tempting at times.

All use of the hammock is at your own risk. Check the hammock and suspension points for damage before every use. Never hang high above the ground.  


Download the User Manual (press link)


The colors:

The product colors shown in the pictures and video differ from the final product colors. Draumr™ will be delivered in the colors shown below.

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 Main color             Color #2              Details                 Tarp