Have you ever fallen asleep under the Northern Light, or woken up to the rising sun? These are moments none of us forget, and as a big bonus everyday tasks can be put aside. Appreciating life outside is easier when feeling comfortable. While developing products at Amok we always keep this in mind - and we are glad to see that fellow hammock campers appreciate it.

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Amok Equipment Draumr camping hammock packed hammock and tarp.png

The third generation of our patent pending hammock comes in the color green. Suspension and bug net included. Available with and without tarp.

Hammock weight:
1340 g / 47 oz (without tarp)
2056 g / 72 oz (including tarp/stakes)

150 kg / 330 lb max weight
22 kN carabiners

Tree distance:
minimum 2.5 m / 8 feet, maximum 6 m / 20 feet.

Use of the hammock:
The hammock requires an inflatable sleeping pad - you can read about size recommendations here.

The hammock fits most people. We have created a foot bag that makes it comfortable for those as long as 190cm (large inflatable sleeping pad required). If you are taller than this, or simply like to have lots of wiggle room you can sign up on our interest list for a longer model.

The maximum load is 150 kg / 330 lb.

The hammock is intended for 1 person and normal use.